As a qualified mechanical engineer with years of industry experience and a high community commitment, Damon is the perfect fit for your mechanical needs.


Even if you have an EV, a regular service is what keeps your vehicle on the road and your maintenance costs down. Book your service today!

Auto Electrical

You don’t always need a spanner to fix a car.  Our team have the experience and training your vehicle needs to get the power flowing again.


Every car has a computer at its heart and we have the diagnostic tools that let us talk directly to your vehicle to quickly diagnose the issue.

We’ve always been a community garage, able to service and maintain all types of vehicle and while we continue to provide this service to all our loyal customers, we are now also European specialists with a focus on BMW & Nissan.

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The more advanced the car, the more electronics there are on board. We can diagnose and resolve your electronic issues and get you on the road again.

Timing belts

Replacing your timing belt at the right time saves you a lot of money.  Don’t delay, we can fix that today!


Arguably one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  Contact us today to make sure you can stop when you really need to.


Christchurch roads are getting better but they still put a heavy toll on your springs.  Give us a call to smooth out your ride.