Car Service

The Caring Community Car Service in Christchurch

For many years, Rocky Auto has been part of the local community as the car service in Christchurch you can trust when it comes to any kind of car. We take care of your car and consider all possible concerns with our professional service and cutting-edge equipment.

What Sets Rocky Auto Apart Regarding Car Servicing in Christchurch

There are many reasons why we are your trusted name in Christchurch when it comes to car servicing.

  • Do you need complete care for your Nissan? We’ve noticed there is a strong need for mechanics to take care of the local Nissan models roaming the streets of Christchurch, which is why we’ve stepped in to include all Nissan models in our professional service. Whether it is a Skyline or Fuga, a Maxima or Cube, we will have a look at your car.
  • Since 2002, our focus and commitment included BMWs. Our qualified team, coupled with our advanced equipment means optimal European car servicing in Christchurch.
  • Taking care of a European car service in Christchurch isn’t the only advanced car service we offer in Christchurch. The presence of EVs in our streets is becoming more visible. Although most car services in Christchurch isn’t willing to touch these much greener vehicles, we are open to give your EV the maintenance and care it requires. These cars don’t need mechanical engine attention, but you should still have general maintenance done on your vehicle.

Our workshop houses some of the most advanced equipment and cutting-edge software ready for your European car.

Problems Rocky Auto Addresses

Our friendly team has years of knowledge and skill to offer you the professional service you would expect from your trusted car mechanic.

  • We have the equipment to keep your European car in good condition. Our advanced diagnostic equipment enables us to communicate with the inner workings of your vehicle to get to the root of your concerns with clarity and certainty about what is wrong.
  • Our team can attend to any concerns regarding the electronics of your vehicle quickly and effectively.
  • The mechanical parts of your vehicle receive utmost care during service. Thus, bring in your car if you have any worries about brakes, timing belts or the suspension.

Our car servicing is friendly and professional, complete, advanced and most importantly, guaranteed. WINZ (MSD) approval is only one of the several quality assurances to our name.

Why You Should Use Rocky Auto

In the 1950s, Rocky Auto started out as a community caring car service. Many years later, a lot has changed, but it only made us a better service provider to you and our local community.

We care about your car as if it is our own. Call us today and book your appointment to gain clarity about your concerns.