Tyres & wheel alignment

Correct wheel alignment pays for itself. Vehicle handling, fuel economy, tyre lifespan and safety can all suffer when your car’s alignment is compromised. Rocky Auto’s 3D John Beam Aligner system is the world’s leading wheel alignment system, and in our hands we will ensure your car’s steering, tyres and suspension are doing their job correctly.

We’ve partnered with Value Tyres and Hankook to ensure our customers get the best tyres at the best prices.

Our John Beam 3D Wheel Aligner gives us the ability to have absolute precision when aligning your wheels.

Wheel Alignment

We Offer a Professional Wheel Alignment in Christchurch

Vehicle owners often neglect their wheels and tyres. However, it plays a critical role in other areas of your vehicle’s operation. When you complete your wheel alignment in Christchurch professionally, the handling on your car improves along with its fuel-efficiency and the lifespan of the tyres. Rocky Auto is a community repair shop for all types of vehicles that require attention, including tyre replacement in Christchurch.

Benefits of a Car Wheel Alignment in Christchurch

As a car owner, you’re supposed to be rotating your tyres at every service interval to ensure the even wear of the rubber. Additionally, wheel alignment is critical to the overall condition of the vehicle. These are some of the benefits of conducting regular wheel alignment.

  • If you haven’t aligned your tyres, they won’t work together as they should. As a result, the engine labours harder to ensure all four tyres propel you forward. When this happens, you burn more fuel, and that’s when you find your car becomes less economical.
  • When you drive with misaligned tyres, you run the risk of causing damage to certain parts through uneven wear. The suspension, steering and tyres are responsible for absorbing the impact of bumps on the road. If the alignment is off, the suspension components fail to protect other parts evenly, resulting in major breakdowns.
  • If you’re driving with your steering wheel in a straight position yet find that the vehicle is pulling away to the right or left, it’s a sign that the alignment is unbalanced. Overcompensating for this by oversteering is dangerous and tiring. Furthermore, your tyres wear out faster, and before you know it, you need to replace them. Once we’ve aligned the wheels, you reduce the rate of deterioration.

What to Expect from Rocky Auto Regarding Wheel Alignment in ChCh

We’re regarded as the community auto repair shop and have gained that reputation by consistently assisting people with their cars and treating it as if it were our own. As such, we use top-of-the-range equipment such as the 3D John Bean aligner system which is one of the best in the world.

About Rocky Auto

We have always based our values on quality and perfection. When you bring your vehicle to our garage, you can be confident that we’ll bring your car back to a level where you can drive it confidently. We’re located next to the service station on Port Hill Road that assists us with late key pickups for your convenience.

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